Research projects

  • Investigating the role of tick salivary protease inhibitors at eh interface between ticks, pathogens and the vertebrate host. Grant Agency of Czech Republic (P502/12/2409; P.I. M. Kotsyfakis; 2012-2015)
  • Next-generation sequencing of salivary gland gene transcripts of Triatoma infestans for the discovery of triatomine exposure markers.
  • Development of recombinant salivary antigens of Triatoma infestans for the detection of low-level infestation of triatomines. Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GPP302/11/P798; P.I.: A. Schwarz; 2011–2013)
  • Rickettsial immunity during tick transmission. NIH Prime Award (S-00498; P.I.: M. Kotsyfakis; 2011–2016)
  • Exploring the salivary transcriptome of Ixodes ricinus, the Lyme disease vector in Europe, and the potential role of its cystatins in pathogen transmission. Marie Curie EU-Reintegration grant (GA-2010-268177; P.I.: M. Kotsyfakis; 2010–2014)
  • Effect of tick saliva cystatins on Th9 cells and the development of experimental asthma. Bilateral collaborative grant between German and Czech Research Institutions, Grant Agency of Czech Republic (P302/11/J029. Role of M.K.: co-PI, (10%). 2011-2013)   


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