Booking system

The booking system serves users, that are registered to book a slot on the microscopes and computers for data processing.

Booking system login/registration.

Prior to the first use of the booking system, registration is necessary.

  1. Fill in your work e-mail address and click on registration.
  2. On the following webpage insert all required information and finish the registration process.
    • User category selection explanation
      1. Internal academic - BC CAS only
      2. External academic - Other scientific and university departments out of the BC CAS
      3. Commercial - private sector
  3. Once registered you need to wait for the account activation done by the administrator. Until your account is activated, you can neither login nor book the time slot. The information about your account activation will be sent to your e-mail.

Time slots booking

Once the account has been activated, you can log-in and book a time slot on the microscopes and PCs.

In the new system, you can book your time slots on microscopes for the very next day (if the capacity allows) and up to 3 months in advance.

Time slots to book the microscopes and data processing PCs are:

1 hour 8:00-9:00
2 hour 9:30-11:30
3 hour 12:30-15:30
Whole day 8:00-15:30

This timetable was chosen to maximize the operating time of all microscopes and PCs while maintaining the hygiene rules. Respect it, please.

In case you cannot attend the session, you have booked, you need to cancel it (by phone or e-mail) the day before 16:00 at the latest. In case, you do not cancel the session, you will be charged the full price of the booked session.

Experienced users, processing more complex, time-demanding/bigger datasets, may ask for remote access to the PCs and use them also out of the standard working hours of the LEM.


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