Running projects:
  • Grant project from the Czech Grant Agency (2022-2024): Associations between protists and bacteriome in the gut ecosystem of houshodl dogs and their owners across a transition to modern lifestyle (PI: K. Jirků)

  • Inter-excellence project to support CZ-US collaboration, Ministry of Education (2020-2022): An influence of specific factors on the anti-inflammatory effect of the commensal helminth in the host gut. (collaboration with W. Parker, Duke University)

Terminated project:

  • Young Investigator grant, Human Frontier Science Organization (7/2015-6/2019): Interplay of eukaryotic symbionts with gut microbiome and influence on immune-mediated diseases. PI – K. Jirků Pomajbíková; Co-I Laura Wegener-Parfrey (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Projects from the Grant Agency of the University of South Bohemia:

2021-2022: Changes in the transcriptome of a commensal protist with possible functional impact on host gut (PI: Z. Lhotská)

Students` projects from the Student Grant Agency (SGA) of the University of South Bohemia:

2021: qPCR diagnostics of Blastocystis in humans (PI: M. Šloufová)
2020: Introduction of qPCR diagnostics of opportunistic protist Giardia intestinalis as part of an epidemiological study in the Czech Republic (PI: K. Brožová)
2019: Incidence and prevalence of the gut protist Dientamoeba fragilis in human and animals’ populations in the Czech Republic (PI: A. Růžičková)
2018: Study of gut protist of the genus Blastocystis in human microbiome (PI: Z. Lhotská)
- Monitoring of IL-10 gene expression in immune response of the rat model during Hymenolepis diminuta infection (PI: J. Levá) 
- Molecular-phylogenetic characterization of Hymenolepis diminuta isolate maintained under laboratory conditions (PI: L. Řežábková)
- Introduction of a suitable in vitro model for the study of gut protist Blastocystis (PI: Z. Lhotská)
- Introduction of a suitable experimental in vivo model for the study of gut protist Blastocystis (PI: J. Růžková)
- Introduction of helminth as a model organism into a culture and characterization of the host immune response (PI: O. Hložková)



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