Datum: 19.09.2019

French-Czech Tick Meeting 1. (FCTM 1.)

24.–25. October 2019, Maisons-Alfort, France

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: ANSES - Copernic building, Room MC Clintock, 1st Floor
(Chairs : Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz and Ladislav Simo)

Thursday 24. October
8:30–9:00         Registration (badges), coffee, refreshment
9:00–9:10         Opening of the meeting
9:10–9:40         Libor Grubhoffer 
Introduction to the Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences
9:40–10:00        Nadia Haddad
Introduction to the JRU-BIPAR
10:00–10:20      Pascal Boireau
One health concept and parasite world
10:20–10:40      Petr Kopáček
From tick biology to the rational design of promising 'anti-tick' strategies

     10:40–11:10 Coffee break

11:10–11:40      Karadjian Gregory
1. Species identification by MALDI-TOF, the example of Trichinella;
2. Aptamer-detection of pathogens

11:40–12:00      Ryan Rego
Delineating the pathogenic requirements of LD and RF Borrelia within the tick and the mammalian host
12:00–12:20      Ladislav Šimo
Regulation of osmoregulatory organs in ticks

     12:20–13:30 Lunch – Cafeteria, Copernic building

     13:30–13:40 Group photo (In front of Copernic building)

13:40–14:00      Grégory Caignard
High-throughput approaches for studying host-pathogen interactomes
14:00–14:20      James Valdés
Thermodynamics in disease therapy
14:20–14:40      Muriel Coulpier
Pathological modeling of TBEV infection using human neuronal/glial co-cultures derived from fetal neural progenitor cells and high-throughput screening for anti-viral drugs
14:40–15:00      Ondrej Hajdušek
Tick immune system and its interaction with transmitted pathogens
15:00–15:20      Jennifer Richardson
Interaction proteomics of tick-borne virus - mammalian host interfaces

     15:20–15:50 Coffee Break

15:50–16:10      Nicolas Versille
Montanide adjuvants for veterinary vaccines
16:10–16:30      Radek Šíma
Animal models for tick-transmitted pathogens
16:30–16:50      Sara Moutailler
High-throughput nanotechnologies for tick-borne pathogens detection
16:50–17:10      Consuelo Almazán
Tick’s enemies

     17:20 Closing of the day

Friday 25. October

     8:30–9:00 Coffee, refreshments

9:00–10:30        Round table, discussion about the bilateral collaborations between France and Czech republic

     10:30–11:00      Coffee break

11:00–11:20      Alejandro Cabezas-Cruz
Beyond bacterial names: functional metagenomics of tick microbiota
11:20–11:40      Václav Hönig
Arbovirology in Ceske Budejovice: from virus - cell interactions, over pathogenesis and treatment to ecology
11:40–12:00      Houssam Attoui
Tick-borne dsRNA viruses
12:00–12:20      Marie Vancová
Applications of volume electron microscopy in research on ticks and tick-borne pathogen

     12:20–13:20 Lunch – Cafeteria, Copernic building

13:20–13:40 – Laetitia Canini
Phylodynamics and epidemiology of multi-host pathogens
13:40–14:00      Sarah Bonnet
Bartonella sp. transmission by ticks: from the field to molecular interactions and vaccine development
14:00–14:20      Jan Perner
Tick membrane feeding: a tool for discovery of novel 'anti-tick' interventions
14:20–14:40      Sandrine Lacour
Molecular mechanisms underlying vector competence of Ixodes ricinus for 2 tick-borne flaviviruses
14:40–15:00      Natasha Rudenko
Vitality of atypical and persistent forms of Lyme disease spirochetes

     15:00–15:30 Coffee break

15:30–15:50      Daniel Sojka
Targetable proteolytic enzymes in ticks and tick borne pathogens
15:50–16:10      Lourdes Mateos-Hernandez
Neural Basis of Tick-Pathogen Interactions: Tachykinin neuropeptide
16:10–16:30      Anne-Claire Lagrée
Exploration of epidemiological cycles of Anaplasma phagocytophilum in France and neighboring countries
16:30–16:50      Camille Migné
Genetic variability of tick-borne viruses and identification of new antiviral targets
16:50–17:10      Thomas Pollet
The Ixodes ricinus pathobiome ecology

     17:20 Closing of the meeting

     17:30–19:00 Cocktail, Copernic building 1st floor – Everybody is welcome!!!

What the meeting includes :
1. Lunch 24. and 25. October
Cafeteria ANSES: Choice of variety of appetizers, different combinations of main dishes and sides, desserts. Vegetarian choice of main dish as well as salad bar is also available.

2. Dinner 24. October. (Czech Researchers Organizers and directory of UMR-BIPAR) (Leaving the meeting at 17:40 to arrive to restaurant around 18:40) Restaurant l’Invitée (https://www.linvitee.fr) in the hearth of Paris just few blocks from Notre Damme.

3. Cocktail 25 October. (17:30-19:00)
Same floor as the meeting Copernic building. Salty and sweet finger food, beverages, vine will be available. 19:00 departure (by metro) to Seine Cruise Trip.

4. Seine Cruise trip (Czech Researchers, Ladislav, Alejandro, Consuelo and Lourdes)
Seine river boat, around illuminating Eiffel tower. Cruise duration at 20:30–21:30 (Arrival back to Maisons-Alfort about 22:40)




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