Datum: 24.10.2022

Seminář: DAVID M. SABATINI (MIT, Cambridge, USA) - Regulation of nutrient-sensitive growth by the mTOR pathway

Parazitologický ústav Vás zve na seminář "Regulation of nutrient-sensitive growth by the mTOR pathway". 
Seminář se koná v pondělí 24. října 2022 od 13. hod v budově C (PřF JU), posluchárna C2.

David is a co-discoverer of mTOR, a key pathway in mammalian cells. He belongs to the most cited scientists (10,000 refs annually) with permanent major contributions to cell and molecular biology.  

The visit is organized by the Institute of Parasitology, BC, and the contact person is Julius Lukes. If you would like to meet David after the talk, please write to Pavla Votrubova (pavla.votrubova@paru.cas.cz) for possible scheduling. 

​Needless to say, this is a Nobel-prize category guy and great we have the oportunity to listen to him. 


Dr. David M. Sabatini


  • MD/PhD, 1997, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

  • BS, 1990, Biochemistry, Brown University

Research Summary
We probe the basic mechanisms that regulate growth — the process whereby cells and organisms accumulate mass and increase in size. The pathways that control growth are often hindered in human diseases like diabetes and cancer. Our long-term goals are to identify and characterize these mechanisms, and to understand their roles in normal and diseased mammals.


Sjöberg Prize, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 2020

Frontiers of Knowledge Award in Biology and Biomedicine, 2020

Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize, Columbia University, 2019

Switzer Prize, 2018

Dickson Prize in Medicine, 2017

Lurie Prize in Biomedical Sciences, 2017

National Academy of Sciences, Member, 2016

National Academy of Sciences, Award in Molecular Biology, 2014

Howard Hughes Medical Institute, HHMI Investigator, 2008

Charles Ross Scholar Award, 2003-2005


  • MA Institute of Technology, Professor, 2012-2022

  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Investigator, 2008-2021





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