Date: 19.06.2018

Subsidy for research and mobility support of starting researchers (CAS)

In order to support the development of the collaboration of the institutes of the Czech Academy of Sciences with important foreign host research institutions and enable starting researchers to resolve an independent research project in collaboration with host research institution, there is the 4th call for the Programme for Research and Mobility Support of Starting Researchers by CAS.

The subsidy is at most 1 million CZK and can be used to cover material costs, services, travel costs, living costs (see details in internal norm 5/2016). Investment expenditures ort he personnel costs are not covered from the subsidy. The period of implementation is at least 12 and at most 24 months. The results of this are supposed to be anounced in November 2018. The implementation will be from January 1, 2019.

Rules of the program: Internal norm 5/2016

Internal deadline: August 28, 2018.
Please send following documents:

  1. reguest form
  2. budget in xls file
  3. letter of commitment of the host institution
  4. justification of each category of the requested financial support
  5. project
  6. curriculum Vitae

electronically to
Contact: Hana Machova, phone 5051

Application forms and all attachments shall be filled only in English.

Projects must be discussed by the Board of BC before their submission, so please see the instructions




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