Helminthological collection

Curator: Prof. RNDr. Tomáš Scholz, CSc.
Assistant Curator: Ing. Blanka Škoríková

A large collection of helminths comprising about 3000 species (partly not yet registered) from around the world, including numerous type specimens, is available for comparative studies to helminthologists from various countries. Exceptionally, some parasitic crustaceans and pentastomids are included in the collection.

List of plathelminths and acanthocephalants with host species

Type collection of parasitic arthropods

Curator: Prof. RNDr. Václav Hypša, CSc.

A collection of holotypes and paratypes of about 300 species of parasitic arthropods on 430 microscopic slides is deposited at the Laboratory of Parasitic Arthropods. A large collection of several thousand specimens of parasitic mites and fleas from mammals, birds and reptiles, and a small collection of ticks in alcohol, are deposited in the same laboratory. The Institute maintains laboratory colonies of ticks (8 species), mosquitoes (4 species, 5 lines) and arboviruses (33 species and strains).

Collection of cryopreserved cultures of blood flagellates and amphizoic amoebae

An extensive collection of cryopreserved cultures of blood flagellates and amphizoic amoebae is maintained at the Department of Eukaryotic Microorganisms Infecting Fish.


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