Date: 13.06.2012


The one-day symposium will be held on 13th June in the shared campus of Biology Centre of ASCR and Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia, at Ceske Budejovice.


The symposium is organised on the occasion of the opening of the practical EMBO course on Electron Microscopy and Stereology in Cell Biology and the introduction of new transmission electron microscope  JEOL 2100F in Laboratory of Electron Microscopy. The aim of the symposium is to take advantage of the presence of well known electron microscopy specialists to pass on their knowledge and experience and to promote the latest techniques used to study cell biology.

The programme is enclosed in documents for download

Admission is free.

Please, confirm your attendance at e-mail:

Possibility of accommodation at the dormitory of the University of South Bohemia

Contact: Eva Neubauerova,  phone: +420 387 774 401,  e-mail:




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