Date: 16.05.2018

Project - GACR EXPRO

The Grant Agency of the Czech Republic announces a public tender to support grant projects of Excellence in the basic research of EXPRO.


The aim is to support basic research of top teams that have recently achieved excellent results. A result of a successfully carried out EXPRO grant project is an ERC project proposal.

Deadline for applications: 28 June 2018

Every project can last up to 5 years within 2019-2023

Starting a solution 1. January 2019

Formal requirements will be provided by the Project department. The project application is completed in the GRIS application and has the same method of submission and breakdown as the standard grant proposal. Investments are allowed (may not exceed 20% of total costs). Salaries have not co-financing. Working capacity for PI must be 0,5 minimum. Overhead is 20% from eligible costs  excluding the investment.

The consultation and support is from the Project department: Renata Novotná (; 5058).

Projects must be discussed by the Board of BC before their submission, so please see the instructions






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