Date: 07.04.2022

Characterization of a new IoP electron microscope in Czech-bioimaging Newsletter

Laboratory of electron microscopy in České Budějovice upgraded their transmission electron microscopes with modern cameras. The new technology allows us to achieve results never thought possible before.

The 200kV microscope JEOL JEM-2100F operates now with K2 Summit™ Direct Detection Camera (Gatan, Inc., USA). Direct Detection cameras detect the incoming electrons directly on the sensor, which removes limitations caused by noise induced by the electron scattering associated with the conversion of primary electrons to photons and the energy deposition processes, which are processes needed by standard/conventional (CCD) TEM digital cameras. The K2 Summit 4k x 4k direct detection camera is also unique in its ability to count individual electrons (instead of integrating the analogue signal as in standard digital cameras). Another benefit of this detector is the super-resolution mode which can pinpoint electron landing coordinates with sub-pixel accuracy and extends the effective resolution to 57 megapixels, allowing a larger specimen area to be imaged at the same resolution while using lower magnification. Also, the sensor read-out speed of 400 full frames per second adds to the great benefits of this detector which is now mainly used for visualization of cryo-samples.

The routine 120kV microscope JEOL JEM-1400 Flash, installed in our laboratory in June 2021, is equipped with a Xarosa bottom-mounted CMOS camera (EMSIS GmbH, Germany). The latest CMOS technology used in this camera brings together high speed (30 frames per second in its full 20-megapixel resolution), high sensitivity and high dynamic range imaging (HDRI). The Xarosa CMOS camera is installed on our Jeol JEM-1400 Flash microscope with RADIUS software which provides several superior features including e.g. drift correction, “click-to-center”, smart averaging, easy image stitching, full interactive measurements and the integrated image database. Although it offers advanced functions, the RADIUS software managed to make the image acquisition super user-friendly. The JEM-1400 microscope equipped by this camera is now used for high resolution imaging of cell ultrastructure at room temperature but is ready to be used for electron tomography or for work in cryo-conditions.

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