Date: 25.04.2022

Post-doc position: Research Associate

Imperial College London, Faculty of Natural Sciences, South Kensington Campus

Research Associate

Imperial College London - Department of Life Sciences
Location: London
Salary: £41,593 to £49,210 per annum
Hours: Full Time
Contract Type: Fixed-Term/Contract
Placed On: 14th April 2022
Closes: 10th May 2022
Job Ref: NAT01143

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Faculty of Natural Sciences

Job Summary
A Research Associate position is available in the laboratory of Prof. Gloria Rudenko in the Department of Life Sciences, South Kensington Campus.
We investigate the molecular biology of African trypanosomes, with a focus on the epigenetic control of gene expression. Trypanosomes are unicellular eukaryotes, which are easily manipulated in vitro, providing an experimentally amenable system for investigating gene expression in a pathogen. Trypanosomes are protected by a dense Variant Surface Glycoprotein (VSG) coat. Vast amounts of VSG (~10% total mRNA and protein) are expressed from a single VSG gene. This is located in one of multiple VSG expression sites, which are transcribed at an extremely high rate by RNA polymerase I (Pol I) in a unique Pol I body.
We would like to understand how VSG expression sites are turned on and off, and how only one is expressed at a time (Budzak et al 2019 PNAS). In addition, we would like to understand how so much VSG is expressed from a single gene. We have recently discovered that RNA processing and nuclear positioning of an assembly of splicing bodies play a key role (Budzak et al 2022 Nature Communications). Our research uses a broad range of molecular approaches, including the generation of genetically modified trypanosomes, which are then analysed using transcriptomic, proteomic, and cutting-edge microscopy techniques.
You should be interested in our biological questions, but no prior experience with trypanosomes is required.  
Duties and responsibilities
You will conduct independent research in a collaborative fashion within a small research team. You will assist with designing experimental approaches, and then perform experiments to test your hypotheses. Your results will be well-documented and prepared for publication in leading peer-reviewed journals. You will present your findings at conferences. 
Essential requirements
You will have good degrees (both undergraduate and graduate) in Molecular Biology.
You will be experienced in investigating mechanistic molecular biology questions in any experimental system.
You will be interested in, and preferably experienced in investigating the control of gene expression.
You will be interested in, if not experienced in molecular parasitology.
You will have experience in a broad range of molecular techniques including as many as possible of the following:  Sterile cell culture and transfection, DNA cloning (ligase and non-ligase based methods), Genetic modification of genomes (CRISPR/ Cas, homologous recombination), nucleic acid and protein analysis, PCR and qPCR, flow cytometry, immunofluorescence microscopy.
Further Information
  • This is a full time, fixed term position for two years in the first instance. You will be based at South Kensington Campus.
  • Any candidate who has not yet been awarded their PhD, will be first appointed as a Research Assistant within the salary range £36,694 - £39,888 per annum.
  • Informal inquiries are encouraged to Prof. Gloria Rudenko ( Additional information about our research programme is available on our lab website:
  • Candidates need to submit an online application.
  • Closing date: 10/05/2022
To apply, visit and search by the job reference NAT01143



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