Date: 27.06.2023

Ambar Kachale at the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

Ambar is at the meeting of young scientists with Nobel prize winners in Lindau and he will be talking about Short tRNA Anticodon Stem and Mutant eRF1 Allow Stop Codon Reassignment.

Genetics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
Presentations by Young Scientists

Wednesday, 28 June 2023
09:00 - 10:30 hrs CEST

Genetics, Biochemistry and Cell Biology
City Theatre: Moderator: Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede

Following Young Scientists present their work during Next Gen Science:

Chromatin Reorganization to Totipotency
Johanna Gassler, IMBA – Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Chronic Viral Infection Drives Three Gene Expression States in Cardiomyocytes
Cameron Griffiths, University of Virginia, United States of America

Short tRNA Anticodon Stem and Mutant eRF1 Allow Stop Codon Reassignment
Ambar Kachale, Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic

BACH1 Proline Hydroxylation Regulates the Hypoxia Response and Metastasis in Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Long Nguyen, University of Chicago, United States of America

Uncovering Activity-Dependent Ion Channel Splicing Patterns at Cellular Resolution Using in Situ Sequencing
Yu-Chi Sun, New York University, United States of America

How Does the Spliceosome Bind Introns?
Jonas Tholen, EMBL Grenoble & Genentech, United States of America

Highly Efficient Synthetic Reprogramming Factor Unravels the Core Mechanism of Naïve Pluripotency
Sergiy Velychko, Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine, Germany

Programme of the 72nd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting.




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