Date: 10.07.2023

EMBO - Czech representation in the election of new members

The four of a total of 69 new members of the EMBO community are from the Czech Republic

69 scientists have been newly elected as Members and Associate Members of EMBO, an organization of leading researchers that promotes excellence in the life sciences in Europe and beyond.


New members EMBO 2023 from Czech Republic:
Dalibor Blažek Brno, CZ
Hana Hanzlíková Praha, CZ
Julius Lukeš České Budějovice, CZ
David Staněk Praha, CZ
David Staněk Praha, CZ



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Open Access for Open Science

Bernd Pulverer

EMBO Reports (2023)24:e57638

The EMBO Journal and EMBO Reports join EMBO Molecular Medicine, Molecular Systems Biology and Life Science Alliance as Open Access journals from 2024. Full Open Access at EMBO Press completes another step towards the goal of an integrated Open Science approach for the dissemination of highly selected and curated science.

The value of open data sharing with minimal delay was exemplified most prominently by the publically funded human genome project at the turn of the century, which both facilitated J. Craig Venter's shotgun sequencing assembly published coincidentally, and also ultimately benefited from the Celera project. As Venter noted later, “We absolutely used the mapping data that the entire human genetics community accumulated…had there not been a genome project … there never would have been a Celera sequence”.

Contemporaneously with the human genome milestone, openness reached the publishing world with the foundation of PLOS in 2000, which spawned its first journal PLoS Biology in 2003 (Pariente, 2023) as well as with the definition of Open Access (OA) by the Budapest and Berlin declarations in 2002 and 2003, respectively. EMBO's Molecular Systems Biology was conceived in 2005 as an OA journal, reflecting the ab initio open principles of the systems biology community.

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