Date: 05.10.2023

European Horizon project entitled “Curing EU Aquaculture by co-creating health and welfare innovations (Cure4Aqua)”

The University of Crete and Prorata Research Company, in cooperation with 29 other partners from around the world, have partnered with each other since November 2022 for the implementation of a flagship European Horizon project entitled “Curing EU Aquaculture by co-creating health and welfare innovations (Cure4Aqua)” with the aim of improving the welfare of fish which are bred in fish farming units. The project is coordinated by the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences (BCAS, Czech Republic) and it focuses on (a) the investigation and recording of attitudes and perceptions regarding the welfare of farmed fish and (b) the development of operationally reliable welfare assessment indicators.

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On November 24 and 25, 2023, at the AirHotel Stratos Vassilikos hotel in Athens, a two-day workshop on the well-being of sea bass will be held, with invited speakers, expert scientists from Greece and abroad. The first day includes introductory speeches and a round table discussion and will be open to the public, while there will also be live streaming option for those not being able to attend in person. On the second day, round tables will be held, applying for the first time the innovative Delphi methodology, aiming to build a consensus framework between experts from different professional groups involved in fish farming (scientists, producers, competent authorities, NGOs, consumer organizations, etc.), in the development of measurable, reliable and easy-to-use indicators of well-being. This workshop is the beginning of a series of events that will take place annually and include other types of fish from European fish farming.

Participants will thus have a unique opportunity to participate in practice in the production of scientific knowledge critical to the well-being of farmed fish, thus contributing to the adoption of management practices that improve the health of fish farmed in Europe and widely consumed worldwide.

For more detailed information regarding the workshop program, you can refer to the official website: Home - Cure4Aqua Workshop (

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