Date: 23.01.2024

Research Assistant in Molecular Biology for EU Project AquaBioSens: Environmental RNA Assays and Microalgal Biosensor Development (IMBB-FORTH, Greece)

We are looking to hire an enthusiastic researcher to work on our newly-funded EU project AquaBioSens “On-site biological sensing for aquatic pollutants and biohazards”. Research Assistant (MSc) with skills in molecular biology to work on the "Development of environmental RNA assays and microalgal whole-cell biosensors"

Ref: ORZ058

About the project: AquaBioSens aims to decentralize aquatic hazard and pollution measurement tools, by developing portable devices to measure emerging contaminants, microbial biohazards, and heavy metals. The devices will employ cutting-edge techniques, including immunoassays for organic contaminants, RNA quantification for harmful microalgae and bacteria, and genetically modified whole cell biosensors for heavy metal quantification. The project will demonstrate and validate the devices in polluted coastal and freshwater environments in the UK, Ireland, and Greece, with the support of local government inspection agencies. Results will be widely disseminated to maximize the commercial potential of the technologies.

About the position: The successful candidates will work closely with consortium collaborators in Europe and potentially have opportunities to participate in field testing in Greece, UK and Ireland. They will join a multidisciplinary group consisting of biologists, chemists, engineers, bio-physicists and material scientists. They will contribute in scientific excellence and innovation-driven research related to the development of assays for aquatic-pollutants testing in the field. Moreover, postdoctoral researchers will be encouraged to develop research interests, supervise undergraduate and/or master students, participate in technology transfer events, contribute towards the broad dissemination of scientific results and develop skills related to presentations, grant-applications and writing of scientific papers.




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