Date: 19.02.2024

Article with IF > 8: Phylogenetic framework to explore trait evolution in Trypanosomatidae

Abstract: The number of sequenced trypanosomatid genomes has reached a critical point so that they are now available for almost all genera and subgenera. Based on this, we inferred a phylogenomic tree and propose it as a framework to study trait evolution together with some examples of how to do it.

Kostygov A.Y., Albanaz A.T.S., Butenko A., Gerasimov E., Lukeš J., Yurchenko V. 2024: Phylogenetic framework to explore trait evolution in Trypanosomatidae. Trends in Parasitology 40: 2. [IF = 9.6]. DOI: 10.1016/

Recently, we have seen a major expansion of known trypanosomatid diversity, encapsulated in the maxim "trypanosomatids are much more than just trypanosomes". This paper summarizes the present taxonomic and molecular subdivision of these obligatory parasitic flagellates, and proposes topics, which shall be addressed by studying them, and which will have an inevitable bearing on our understanding of the human diseases-causing trypanosomes and leishmanias.





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