Date: 06.03.2024

Ixodes ricinus genome completed with the help of our institute

The comprehensive genome study on Ixodes ricinus and three other Ixodes species is now publicly available at


The large-scale genome study, coordinated by Dr. Claude Rispe (Oniris, INRAE, BIOEPAR, Nantes, France), has now been submitted for publication and the preprint is available at BioRxiV.

Complete genome sequences of four tick species derived from a single female individual, with a particular focus on the European species Ixodes ricinus, achieving assembly at the chromosome level. In addition, draft assemblies were generated for the three other Ixodes species I. persulcatus, I. pacificus and I. hexagonus. The quality of the four genomes and the extensive annotation of several important gene families have made it possible to investigate the evolution of the gene repertoire at the level of the genus Ixodes.




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