doc. RNDr. Jan Štefka, Ph.D.

Job Position: Head of Laboratory - Laboratory of Molecular Ecology and Evolution , Editor - Folia Parasitologica

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Room: nová budova 5. patro



Curriculum vitae

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Date of birth:   April 25, 1979

Research interests and expertise

Studies of molecular ecology, biogeography and evolutionary processes in vertebrates and parasites. Reconstructions of population genetic and phylogenetic relationships using molecular and computational biology tools, analyses of multilocus and genomic data. Conservation genetics and invasive species. Field sampling of metazoan biological material.

Fieldwork abroad: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Ecuador (Galápagos), several EU countries, Russia.


2008: PhD degree: Parasitology, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia (USB). PhD thesis topic: Host specificity, genetic variability and genealogy in populations of model parasite species.
2003: Master degree: Zoology, Faculty of Biological Sciences, USB. Thesis: Ecological aspects of hybridisation between fire-bellied toads Bombina bombina and B. variegata., 27 pp.
2001: Bachelor degree: Introductory Biology Programme, Faculty of Biological Sciences, USB.

Further education in molecular analyses and genomics:

2012: RADseq Workshop (GENECO, University of Lund, Sweden)
2011: Workshop on Genomics, Europe (Český Krumlov, Czech Rep.)
2009: Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Europe (Český Krumlov, Czech Rep.)

Professional appointments

2014-present: Research scientist – Laboratory head, Biology Centre, CAS.
2016-present: Associate professor (part time, full time from Sept. 2022), Faculty of Science, USB.
2014-2016: Research scientist & lecturer (part time), Faculty of Science, USB.
2011-2013: Postdoc researcher, Biology Centre, CAS & Faculty of Science, USB.
2009-2011: Marie Curie Galapagos Fellow, Entomology Department, NHM, London.

Organisation of international scientific meetings

2016 - 2022: Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics, Europe, Czech Rep., Co-director.
2018: 6th International Conference on Phthiraptera, Brno, Czech Rep., Scientific Committee Member.
2015 & 2013Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Europe, Czech Rep., Co-director.
2012: Workshop on Genomics, Advanced Topic Sessions, Czech Rep., Associate co-director.
2010: Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Europe, Czech Rep., Teaching Assistant.
Five selected publications

Nazarizadeh M, Martinů J, Nováková M, Stanko M, Štefka J (2022) Phylogeography of the parasitic mite Laelaps agilis in Western Palearctic shows lineages lacking host specificity but possessing different demographic histories. BMC Zool., 7: 15.

Martinů J, Štefka J, Poosakkannu A, Hypša V (2020) “Parasite turnover zone” at secondary contact: a new pattern in host-parasite population genetics. Mol. Ecol., 29: 4653–4664.

Martinů J, Hypša V, Štefka J (2018) Host specificity driving genetic structure and diversity in ectoparasite populations: co-evolutionary patterns in Apodemus mice and their lice. Ecol. Evol., 8: 10008–10022.

Vlček J, Hoeck PEA, Keller LF, Wayhart J, Dolinová I, Štefka J (2016) Balancing selection and genetic drift create unusual patterns of MHCIIβ variation in Galápagos mockingbirds. Mol. Ecol., 25: 4757–4572.

Štefka J, Hoeck PEA, Keller LF, Smith VS (2011) A hitchhikers guide to the Galápagos: co-phylogeography of Galápagos mockingbirds and their parasites. BMC Evol. Biol., 11: 284.


Selected awards and fellowships

2018: Fulbright Fellowship. Fulbright Commission, USA.
2014: Otto Wichterle Award, received from the Czech Academy of Sciences.
2009-2011: Marie Curie Fellowship (IEF, FP7).
2008: Dean’s Award, Faculty of Science, USB, Czech Rep. Price awarded annually to two phd students for excellent scientific and study results.

Invited seminars and conference lectures (last 5 years, selected)

Štefka J (2022) Plenary lecture: Co-evolutionary imprints of genomic diversification in parasite populations. ESEB 2022, Prague, CZ.
Štefka J (2019) Seminars: Lousy & wormy tales: Drivers of population genetic divergence in host-parasite co-evolution. (University of Utah and University of Illinois).
Štefka J (2018) Seminar: Genetic diversity in host-parasite co-evolution (University of Basel).
Štefka J (2018) Seminar: Stowaways: tracing parasite introductions using genetics (Ostrava University).
Štefka J (2017) Seminar: Population genetics of parasite invasions (Masaryk University in Brno).

Teaching and Mentoring

Defended theses: 1 PhD., 5 MSc. and 4 BSc. at the Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia (FS USB).
Currently supervising: 4 PhD., 1 MSc. and 1 BSc. theses at the FS, USB.
Teaching (at FS USB): Conservation Genetics (2012-present), Population and evolutionary genetics (2016-present); practicals in: Molecular Ecology (2011-present), Molecular Phylogenetics (2014-2015), Bioinformatics (2009) and Field Zoology (2006-2008).

Abroad stays

2018-2019 (10 months): Fulbright Visiting Scholar. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Population genomics.
2009-2011: NHM, London, UK. Cophylogeography of ecological replicates: the coevolution and biogeography of Galapagos mockingbirds and their ectoparasites. Marie Curie Fellowship.
2007 (Nov.-Dec.): Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil. Field sampling with focus on the helminth fauna of endemic fishes.
2006-2007 (several short-term stays): Université Paul Sebatier Toulouse, France, Laboratoire Evolution Diversité Biologique, Research theme: Genetic variability in European populations of Ligula intestinalisBarrande fellowship.
2006 (Apr.-Jun.): University of Glasgow, UK, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Research theme: Microsatellite characterization in Ligula intestinalis (Cestoda: Pseudophyllidea), Socrates/Erasmus fellowship.

Peer review

Nat. Ecol. Evol., Mol. Ecol., Mol. Biol. Evol., J. Biogeogr., Biol. J. Linn. Soc., Ecol. Evol., Mol. Phylogenet. Evol., PLoS ONE, J. Zool. Syst. Evol. Res., Int. J. Parasitol., Parasitology, J. Parasitol., Folia Zool., Aquat. Invasions, R. Soc. Open Sci., New Zeal. J. Mar. Freshwater Res., BMC Res. Notes Associate editor (for ectoparasites, ecology and co-evolution) in Folia Parasitologica.

Foreign collaborations (selected, last 5 years)

Dr. Julian Catchen (University of Illinois, USA) - computational population genomics.
Dr. Emiliano Trucchi (Marche Polytechnic University, IT) - population genomics.
Prof. Lukas Keller & Dr. Paquita Hoeck (Zurich University, CH) – Galápagos mockingbird evolution.
Dr. Ivica Králová-Hromadová & Dr. Eva Čisovská (Institute of Parasitology, Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK) - helminth evolution and invasive species.

Bioinformatic skills

Unix command line (advanced), bash scripting (intermediate), R scripting (intermediate), Python scripting (intermediate).

Language skills

Czech (native), English (fluent), Spanish (intermediate), German (basic), Russian (basic).


Total found: 47 records
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DOI: 10.1016/

Documents to download:
Stefka_2022_TrendParasitol (pdf)
Balvín O., Bubová T., Sasínková M., Martinů J., Löv J., Raška T., Štefka J. (2021) Tropické štěnice v evropských domácnostech Vesmír 07 : 460-463.
Balvín O., Sasínková M., Martinů J., Nazarizadeh M., Bubová T., Booth W., Vargo E.L., Štefka J. (2021) Early evidence of establishment of the tropical bedbug (Cimex hemipterus) in Central Europe Medical and Veterinary Entomology 35 : 462-467.
DOI: 10.1111/mve.12522
Drábková  M., Flegrová T., Myšková E., Hypša V., Štefka J. (2021) Genetic analysis of dicyemid infrapopulations suggests sexual reproduction and host colonization by multiple individuals is common Organisms Diversity and Evolution 21 : 437–446.
DOI: 10.1007/s13127-021-00493-0
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DOI: 10.1007/s00436-020-06617-3

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