Sagar Nayak, PhD.

Job Position: Postdoc - Laboratory of Fish Protistology

Contact details

Phone: +420 38 777 5423
Room: 113

Curriculum vitae

Sagar Nayak


Education and Research Career

2022 - present       Postdoctoral researcher, Biology Centre CAS, Czech Republic        

2015 - 2022          Postdoctoral fellow, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel

2008 - 2013          Ph.D. Marine Biology, CSIR National Institute of Oceanography, India

2004 - 2006           M. Sc. Biotechnology, Berhampur University, India

2001 - 2003            B.Sc. Biology, Berhampur University, India

Research grant as PI

  • 2024-2027 INTER-ACTION-LUAIZ24 (Czech Republic and Israel Bilateral cooperation), Israeli PI: Prof. Dina ZIlberg, Ben Gurioun University of the Negev,  Project title: Harnessing the Win-Win potential: Enhancing sustainability and disease control in aquaculture by using black soldier fly larvae fed on agricultural waste. Project (LUAIZ24009). 

Publications in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

1.    Titus J, Nayak S, Sultan E, Gershoni-Yahalom Orly, Sinai T, Zilberg D, Rosental B. (2024) Development and validation of a flow cytometry method to examine circulating leukocyte subpopulations in barramundi (Lates calcarifer). Comparative Immunology Reports  6: 200142.

2.    Novichkova E, Nayak S, Boussiba S, Gopas J, Zilberg D, Khozin-Goldberg I. (2023) Dietary Application of the Microalga Lobosphaera incisa P127 Reduces Severity of Intestinal Inflammation, Modulates Gut-Associated Gene Expression, and Microbiome in the Zebrafish Model of IBD. Mol Nutr Food Res 67(6):e2200253.

3.    Nayak S, Yogev U, Kpordzaxor Y, Zhu Z, Gur N, Gross A. (2023) From fish excretions to high-protein dietary ingredient: Feeding intensively cultured barramundi (Lates calcarifer) a diet containing microbial biomass (biofloc) from effluent of an aquaculture system. Aquaculture, 562: 738780.

4.    Nayak S, Al Ashhab A, Zilberg D, Khozin-Goldberg I. (2020) Dietary Supplementation with Omega-6 LC-PUFA-Rich Microalgae Regulates Mucosal Immune Response and Promotes Microbial Diversity in the Zebrafish Gut. Biology 9: 119.

Lazado CC, Nayak S, Khozin-Goldberg I, Zilberg D. (2019) The gut mucosal barrier of zebrafish (Danio rerio) responds to the time-restricted delivery of Lobosphaera incisa-enriched diets. Fish & Shellfish Immunology ; 89: 368-377.

6.    Nayak S, Khozin-Goldberg I, Cohen G, Zilberg D. (2018) Dietary supplementation with ω6 LC-PUFA-rich algae modulates zebrafish immune function and improves resistance to streptococcal infection. Frontiers in Immunology 9. doi: 10.3389/fimmu.2018.01960

7.    Nayak S, Koven W, Meiri I, Khozin-Goldberg I, Isakov N, Zibdeh M. (2017) Dietary arachidonic acid affects immune function and fatty acid composition in cultured rabbitfish Siganus rivulatus. Fish & Shellfish Immunology 68: 46-53

8.    Nayak S, Portugal I, Zilberg D. (2018) Analyzing complement activity in the serum and body homogenates of different fish species, using rabbit and sheep red blood cells. Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 199: 39 42                  

9.    Nayak S, Singh SK, Ramaiah N, Sreepada RA. (2010) Identification of upregulated immune-related genes in Vibrio harveyi challenged Penaeus monodon postlarvae. Fish & Shellfish Immunology  29: 544-549                    

10.  Nayak S, Ajay KM, Ramaiah N, Meena RM, Sreepada RA. (2011) Profiling of a few immune responsive genes expressed in postlarvae of Fenneropenaeus indicus challenged with Vibrio harveyi D3. Journal of Invertebrate Pathology 107: 168 172.                                                            

11.  Nayak S, Ramaiah N, Meena RM, Sreepada RA. (2014) Full-length cloning and phylogenetic analyses of translationally controlled tumour protein and ferritin genes from the Indian white prawn, Fenneropenaeus indicus (H. Milne Edwards). Journal of Fish Diseases 37: 77-87.

12.  Nayak S, Porob S, Fernandes A, Meena RM, Ramaiah N. (2014) PCR detection of ansA from marine bacteria and its sequence characteristics from Bacillus tequilensis NIOS4. Journal of Basic Microbiology 54: 162-168                          

13.  Porob S, Nayak S, Fernandes A, Padmanabhan P, Patil B A, Meena R M, Ramaiah N. (2013) PCR screening for surfactin (sfp) gene in marine Bacillus strains and its molecular characterization from Bacillus tequilensis NIOS11. Turkish Journal of Biology 37, 212-221


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