Datum: 11.06.2021

Ryan Rego - Editor for Special Issue of Microorganisms

Special Issue "Vector-Pathogen-Host Dynamics: Delineating Interactions at Every Level"

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

The time cannot be any more relevant than now when it comes to looking at vector-borne infections. It is clear that we really need to bridge the gaps in our understanding of the relationships that are present in nature between the different players of such diseases. Modern science allows us to work with a lot of omics-related data and decipher their true potential and value in the fight against vector-borne infections. We are at the crossroads of deciphering long-standing questions. We now are able to develop newer infection models, understand the immune response in an arthropod vector or a mammalian host equally, and use molecular techniques and biochemical assays to study the roles of genes and the proteins they encode within the biological systems. Delineating some of these events at the tri-interface that promote pathogen infection, persistence, and transmission will lead to a better understanding of the epidemiology and ecology of the players that are part of these diseases.

I invite researchers within the vector-borne diseases field studying any of the relationships between the vector-pathogen-host to submit their manuscripts for original articles and reviews. These include the areas of ecology, genetics, immunology, diagnostics, vector/pathogen research, and vaccine development. I hope that this Special Issue will be a portal for researchers wanting not only to showcase their novel ideas and methods but also a way to create future collaborative efforts.

Dr. Ryan Rego
Guest Editor

A special issue of Microorganisms (ISSN 2076-2607). This special issue belongs to the section "Parasitology".

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2021.

Keywords:  Arthropod Vector; Bacteria; Virus; Protozoa; Mosquito; Tick; Innate Immunity; Vaccines; ; Zoonotic Diseases; Diagnosis




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