Date: 15.09.2023

PhD position in Protist Molecular Biology

Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Protists

Job description:

We are a research campus with a strong tradition in biosciences focused on complex ecological, evolutionary & developmental aspects of LIFE.

Laboratory of Molecular Biology of Protists of the Institute of Parasitology, Biology Centre, Czech Academy of Sciences and Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice are looking for highly motivated candidates for a PhD position in Protist Molecular Biology.

We are a well-established laboratory studying several molecular aspects of (mostly) parasitic protists. We are interested in various aspects of biology of the trypanosomatid and diplonemid flagellates. These are protists that branched off the main eukaryotic lineage and contain numerous departures from the prototypical eukaryotic cell. In trypanosomes we explore (by knock-downs and -ins, tagging, overexpression) proteins involved in RNA editing, tRNA import and modifications, heme metabolism, and mitochondrial morphogenesis. In diplonemids we explore their evolution, diversity, morphology, metabolism, and structure of mitoribosomes.
More info:

The joint University and Academy campus in České Budějovice provides a vibrant research environment.

The research topic will be focused on various aspects of molecular biology of marine protists (for publications see here:


Master's degree
Life Sciences

• Master degree in Life Sciences 
• Strong interest in research 
• Fluency in English
• Flexibility and ability to work both independently and in a team


• We possess a strong and continuous funding, which allows to supplement the standard PhD salary
• PhD fellowship & part-time job employment on research grants 
• Support for career development and mentoring 
• Stimulating English language environment
• International team and collaboration and opportunities to travel
• Meals allowance, full health insurance and other employment and student benefits
• Administration support with relocation & settlement in the Czech Republic
• Work-life balance in a middle-sized university city offering options for outdoor, sport & cultural activities

Additional information:

The Biology Centre CAS (BC, is a vibrant international community of ca 300 scientists plus ca 150 PhD students. The BC offers a dynamic, diverse, and well-equipped scientific environment, with opportunities for development of collaborations and own career. The BC shares the campus and closely cooperates with the University of South Bohemia ( The BC holds the HR Award. Our selection process meets European standards for recruitment of researchers ( and we provide our employees from abroad with welcome service (visa application, administration, relocation & settlement support). Gender equality plan ( has been accepted in 2022.

Ceske Budejovice (2 hours south of the capital Prague) is a middle-sized city with ca 100K inhabitants, relaxed atmosphere, over 750 years of tradition and a picturesque countryside around. Both the town and the surrounding countryside provide numerous opportunities for research and leisure activities. In addition, the living costs are still low by international standards. Check out our Guide for Expats ( to read about life in the city and the Czech Republic.

How to apply:

The application deadline is Sept 30 2023.

Preferred starting date is autumn/winter 2023 but is negotiable.

To apply, please send your application including a complete CV, a copy of your degree certificate (the master degree in Life Sciences is required), a letter detailing your motivation to apply with a concise summary of your previous research activities, and contact information of one referee via the REPLY button below.

Please note that selected candidate will also need to submit an application for admission as a graduate student. More information:






Biology Centre CAS
Institute of Parasitology
Branišovská 1160/31
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