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Interruption of operation of the routine TEM JEOL 1010.

The old TEM JEOL 1010 is going to be replaced for the new TEM JEOL 140 kV this June-July. The replacement also requires reconstuction of the room which reults in ca 2 month interruption of operation of the routine TEM. During that the JEOL 2100f TEM will be available for the sample observation, however the time demandns on this microsocpe are higher.


We would also like to warn the users that all samples stored in the room of the TEM JEOL 1010 will be disposed when the room reconstruciton begins. If you ned to keep some of the samples you store in that room, it is necessary for you to take them and store them at your labs on 30th of May 2021 at latest. Only samples that can stay in the room are those, that will be observed befor the reconstruction starts, then they will be disposed as well.

Thank you for your understanding

LEM team


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