Grantové projekty

GACR (21-23773S) Martin Kváč. Gastric Cryptosporidium of mammals: Revealing the mystery of host adaptation and gene regulation during infection. 2021-2023.

GAJU (007/2021/Z) Nikola Holubová. Wild pigeons as a source of zoonotic parasites of the genus CryptosporodiumEncephalitozoon and Enterocytozoon. 2021.

GAJU (006/2021/Z) Jana Ježková. Secrets of excitation of gastric and intestinal parasites of the genus Cryptosporidium (strain Apicomplexa). 2021.

GACR (20-10706S) Bohumil Sak. The Trojan Horse of the immune system: Do microsporidia exploit migrating immune cells for their own dispersal in the host body? 2020-2022.

GAJU (017/2020/Z) Lenka Tůmová. Host specifity: comparative genomics and transcriptomics of gastric Cryptosporidium in mammals. 2020-2021.

GAJU (016/2020/Z) Jana Ježková. Synanthropic rodents: Hosts of zoonotic and host-specific  of Cryptosporidium. 2020.

GAJU (040/2019/Z) Nikola Holubová. Chicken eggs as an incubator for the propagation of parasites of the genus Cryptosporidium: the possibility of overcoming host and interspecies specificity. 2019.

GACR (18-12364S) Martin Kváč. Bird derived Cryptosporidium: Filling knowledge gaps within unjustifiably marginalized group of hosts. 2018-2020.

GAJU (012/2018/Z) Nikola Havrdová. Resistance of parasites to anthelmintics: detection, incidence and targeted treatment in beef cattle and sheep. 2018-2019.

GAJU (017/2018/Z) Nikola Holubová. Cryptosporidium of wild birds: diversity, biology and the possibility of transmission to livestock. 2018.

MŠMT (LTAUSA1) Martin Kváč. Diversity and co-evolution of Cryptosporidium parasiting in rodents: Linking genetic variation to parasite biology. 2018-2020.

GAJU (082/2017/Z) Nikola Holubová. Prevalence, diversity and biology of Cryptosporidium parasitizing in Anseriformes. 2017.

GAJU (072/2017/Z) Michaela Horčičková. Diversity and coevolution of Cryptosporidium parasitizing in rodents of the genus Rattus. 2017.

GACR (17-12871S) Bohumil Sak. Elucidation of different virulence and drug resistance of genotypes of Encephalitozoon cuniculi using murine model. 2017-2019.

GAJU (098/2016/Z) Michaela Horčičková. Diversity and biology of Cryptosporidium of rodents of the genus Apodemus and the family Arvicolinae. 2016.

GAJU (002/2016/Z) Martin Kváč. Genetics, animal health and product quality as the basis of competitiveness. 2016-2018

GACR (P502/ 15-01090) Martin Kváč. Revealing Cryptosporidium diversity: linking genetic variations to parasite biology. 2015-2017.

GACR (P302/ 14-20684S) Bohumil Sak. Latent microsporidiosis of immunocompetent individuals: ticking time-bomb threatening human health. 2014-2016.

CZ.1.07/2.3.00/20.0300. David Modrý. Development of scientific team and laboratory for infectious diseases common to humans and great apes. 2012-2015.

MŠMT (KONTAKT LH 11061) Martin Kváč. Diversity, biology and phylogeny of Cryptosporidium spp. parasiting in rodents. 2011-2014.

David Modrý. Impact of increased contact with humans on diversity and ecology of protozoan parasites of African great apes. 2009-2010.

GACR (524/07/1003) Břetislav Koudela. Mikrosporidie jako "emerging pathogens" savců a člověka: hledání původních hostitelů. 2007-2009.

GAV (KJB500960701) Martin Kváč. Immune response of mice to infection with different gastric cryptosporidia from mammals. 2007-2009.

GACR (524/05/0992) Oleg Ditrich. Gastric cryptosporidia in mammals: variability and hosts specificity. 2005-2007.

GAAV (S6022006) Oleg Ditrich. The risk of occurrence of Cryptosporidium spp. oocysts in drinking water. 1999-2004.


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