A large collection of helminths is available for comparative studies...

The Institute of Parasitology is part of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The Institute performs research on human and animal parasites at the organismal, cellular and molecular levels. Its mission is to acquire, advance, and disseminate knowledge of the biology and host relationships of parasitic protist and related eucaryotic microorganisms, helminths, and athropods. The Institute pursues this goal through research, education and other activities at both the national and international levels. The results obtained have contributed to the prevention and control of human and animal parasitic diseases and have an impact on agriculture.

The Institute of Parasitology was established in Prague in 1962, but was relocated to České Budějovice in South Bohemia in 1985. It is the principal institution in the Czech Republic devoted exlcusively to parasitological research. The main research areas encompass protistology, helminthology, and medical entomology, including studies on the causative agents of the infections transmitted by arthropods.

News & Events

14. 6. - 24. 6. 2016

Practical EMBO course: Advanced methods of electron microscopy in cell biology


19. 5. 2016

Seminar: Birgitte Regensberg (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)

Biofilm and drug tolerance in yeasts

17. 5. 2016

Seminar: Iva Mozgova (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala BioCenter, Sweden)

Reprogramming plant cells: The role of PRC2-mediated epigenetic repression in cell fate maintenance

10. 5. 2016 Jan Perner et al.

Zecken - der Feind im eigenen Garten


Dvořák J., Fajtová P., Ulrychová L., Leontovy A., Rojo-Arreolaf L., Suzuki B.M., Hornc M., Marešc M., Craikg C.S., Caffrey C.R., O'Donoghueg A.J. (2016)

Excretion/secretion products from Schistosoma mansoni adults, eggs and schistosomula have unique peptidase specificity profiles

Biochimie 122, 99-109

Jirků Pomajbíková K., Čepička I., Kalousová B., Jirků Milan, Stewart F., Levecke B., Modrý D., Piel A.K., Petrželková K.J. (2016)

Molecular identification of Entamoeba species in savanna woodland chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii)

Parasitology 143, 741-748


Biology Centre, ASCR, v.v.i.
Institute of Parasitology
Branisovska 31
CZ-370 05 Ceske Budejovice
Czech Republic

Egg of Wenyonia virilis (Cestoda)

Egg of Wenyonia virilis (Cestoda)