International collaboration

  • Vladimír Varga, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Prague, differentiation, starvation
  • Cat Gadelha, Nottingham University, MitoMet library, DRiF screen
  • Fréderic Bringaud, Bordeaux University, France, energy metabolism of trypanosomes, exo-metabolomics
  • Achim Schnaufer, University of Edinburgh, UK, long term collaboration in biology of trypanosomes
  • Christos Chinopoulos, Semmelweiss University, Hungary, bioenergetics, measurements of mitochondrial membrane potential
  • Ken Stuart, Seattle Children, RNA editing
  • Laurie Read, University of Buffalo, USA, mitochondrial gene expression in trypanosomes
  • Zlatko Janeba, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry, purine salvage pathway of parasites, drug design, drug testing 
  • Falk Butter, Mainz, mass spectrometry, label-free quantitative proteomics
  • Michael Barrett, Glasgow University, UK, endo-metabolomics
  • Alexey Amunts, SciLife Lab, Stockholm University, cryo-EM of mitochondrial complexes, namely T. brucei mitochondrial ribosomes and FoF1 ATP synthase dimer


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