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Grubhoffer L., Maťhová A., Maťha V. (1990) Lectins of Galleria mellonella larvae and their role in physiological and defence processes. In: Jegorov A. & Maťha V. (eds) Biopesticides, Theory and Practice, České Budějovice 1989. Dům techniky ČSVTS, České Budějovice, pp. 45-53.
Maťha V., Grubhoffer L., Weyda F., Hermanová L. (1990) Detection of beta-1,3-glucan-specific lectin on the surface of plasmatocytes, immunocompetent cells of great wax moth, Galleria mellonella L. Cytobios 64: 35-42.
Volf P., Grubhoffer L., Maťha V. (1990) Antigenic characterization of rat louse Polyplax spinulosa. Folia Parasitol. 37: 275-278.


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